United Kingdom 2009

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Jade - "My Time"
Composed by: Anrew Lloyd Webber, Diane Warren

Useful Information About United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the only European country not to consider themselves to be in Europe. They're most famous for colonisation, men in silly hats guarding the inbred royal family, and for having the worst cuisine in the world. (Spotted dick, anyone?)
In Eurovision the country has ended up in second place more times than the average number of sunny days a year in London, but has since the introduction of free language dropped dramatically in the result tables.
They do hold one record though, and that is to be the only country to end up in 26th place (last, 0 points) in a Eurovision final.

Name: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Capital: London
Consists of: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and something else.
Exports: Pop, weapons, whiskey, chavs.
Average placing in ESC: 7th
Friends: None

United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Jade Ewen does the singing,
But the song is minging

Composed by the Lloyd Webber
He should have done much better

Lyricist: Diane Warren
she writes like she is foreign

It is loved by most British
Even though it's rubbish.

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