Montenegro 2009

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Andrea - "Just get out of my life"
Composed by: JJS Rodriguez, Ralph Siegel, Bernd Meinunger

Useful Information About Montenegro

Montenegro is one country whose name you really shouldn't say in public if you live in the United States. Reactions can vary from "this is highly inappropriate" to getting beaten up. Other than that we know very little about this country of 600,000 people that recently separated from Serbia for an unknown reason.

Montenegro was a very successful Eurovision country, ending 2nd in 2004. But that was thanks to Serbia, and following separation Montenegro disappeared into the void of the semis.

Capital: Podgorica
Most important historical events: Evropesma 2005, Evropesma 2006
Rivers with interesting names: Piva
Does it actually contain beer: We're yet to try

Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

After infesting the Maltese finals and failing for many years, Ralph Siegel has finally found his way back to Eurovision. Ironically, the title of the song is "Just get out of my life".

It will be sung by Andrea, who was internally selected by RTCG.

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