Iceland 2009

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Yohanna Goodrun Johnsdaughter - "Is it true"
Composed by: Óskar Páll Sveinsson

Useful Information About Iceland

Iceland can't afford a kilo of grapes, but it has the first openly gay head of government, a bubbly not-all-that-pleasing-on-the-eye lesbian by the name of Jóhanna Sigurđardóttir.

Much like its monetary twin Zimbabwe you can literally wipe your bum with the national currency and be better off for it. Still, we love the little whale whackers.

Enemies: Gordon Brown and some pensioners
Friends: Geert
Average wages: about once a year
Average worth of real estate: sorry, that one was cruel

Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Eager to tell the world it's business as usual, Iceland has not shown any signs of pulling off the contest and has even selected an entry that just might have them host the Eurovision next year.

Yohanna (Jóhanna Guđrún Jónsdóttir, not to be confused with the Icelandic PM) has been a singing celebrity from a very young age and can be considered Iceland's own Shiri Maymon.

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