Russia 2009

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Anastasya Prihodko - "Mamo"
Composed by: Konstantin Meladze, Diana Golde

Useful Information About Russia

Rasiye is rool Priziden Putin. If we nyet riten nayce thing about cuntri, khi kill frinds go eyrovizion in Moskva.

Rasiye iz bootifal cuntri, end eviry pipel love it. Gorgi ind Okrayn pipel not do shower.

Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Someone in the crowd at the start of the performance ably recreate a bomb shelter siren, which is a sign of things to come.

Recent Russian Star Factory winner Anastasya parachuted in from the Ukrainian NF at the last minute, and swept everyone away with her remarkable impression of a dying cat having a nervous breakdown.

She certainly gives her all to "Mamo" and hopes to follow in the successful footsteps of Polina Smolova in singing a song dedicated to her mother, and is danger of popping a vein in her head by the end.

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