Belarus 2009

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Piotr Yelfimov - "Eyes That Never Lie"
Composed by: Petr Elfimov, V. Prokhozhy

Useful Information About Belarus

Belarus is a sleepy dictatorship of nothingness nestled among ESC stalwarts Russia and Ukraine and other less successful ones such as Poland and Lithuania. In terms of a Eurovision track record it's clearly belonging to the latter 2.
Its capital city, Minsk, was made famous by Bette Midler and Seinfeld in the make believe musical "Rochelle, Rochelle - From Milano to Minsk".
Two families rule Belarus with an iron fist - the Agurbash's and the Lukashenko's.
There's no reason to go there. Seriously.

Capital: Minsk
Exports: Salami, foul music
Average placing in ESC: 1st (according to the Lukashenko controlled media)
Website: none allowed

Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Belarus have given ESC many great contributions, such as Polina, Ms Agurbash, and an orange Pricness Diana lookalike; but their greatest gift has been their new language.
Blonde Petr Elfimov provides Belarus' third "rock" song in a row, and with it they hit a new low. Looking like Evgeniy Pluschenko without the ice skates, he gives a slightly disturbing performance of Eyes That Never Lie, and is unlikely to trouble the top of the scoreboard.
But he clearly straightens his hair well.

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