Ireland 2009

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Sinéad Mulvey and Black Daisy - "Et Cetera"
Composed by: N. Mooney, J. Gladnikoff, D. Moretti, C. Schilling

Useful Information About Ireland

Ireland is a green lush country to the west of the United Kingdom. Almost every famous Irishman doesn't live there. Ireland has now stopped forcing people to stay married.

Ireland boasts the most wins in ESC history, along with some memorable classics such as a spiraling tooth stained spastic redhead and a filthy sock living in a supermarket cart.

Beloved Irish traditions:
Riverdance, Leprechauns, Shamrocks, Claddagh Rings, Guinness Beer, and mentioning one's name in response to everything said.

Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

The 2009 Irish entry "Et Cetera" won a landslide victory in the Irish final with almost the highest score possible. Taking over a long tradition from Malta, it is performed by air hostess Sinead Mulvey. She is joined on stage by the band Black Daisy, who have no professional connection to airplanes but their answer is usually "Tea, please!".

The song, which nobody really knows what it's about, took six years and four countries to write. Niall Mooney (Ireland), Jonas Gladnikoff (Sweden) and Christina Schilling (Denmark) are not unfamiliar names for the NF nerd, and for extra luck an Italian singer by the name Daniele Moretti was thrown into the lot as well. Considering the enormous success of the last time an Italian singer participated in Eurovision (Paolo Meneguzzi) it can't mean anything else but good luck for the entry.

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