Bulgaria 2009

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Krassimir Avramov - "Illusion"
Composed by: Krassimir Avramov, William Tabanou, Casie Tabanou

Useful Information About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a fictional European barony visited by the Potts family and Truly Scrumptious in their amazing flying car, in the classic children's film/stage musical, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Bulgaria is a scenic, mountainous region similar to Austria and Switzerland. It is a remote and secluded country that will never be found on any map of the world or globe. Its national colours are purple and white, and its national animal is a black eagle. Bulgaria's exact location in Europe is not known but it must have a coast, as when we first get to see Baron Bomburst and his servants, they are on the baronial yacht, attempting to steal the car. The national language appears to be a form of English, with slight touches of Austrian, Swedish and German included. The Baron and Baroness refer to each other as "Liebchen", and the words "Fräulein", "wunderbar" and "adieu" are heard.

It is a barony ruled by the horrible Bomburst couple, the Baron Bomburst and the Baroness Bomburst. They reside in their vast castle with thousands of servants and courtiers, all of whom are as cruel as they are, and they rule through fear and intimidation. Deep down, however, they are childish and flamboyant, and can also be considered stupid. The national symbols of Bulgaria are the Eagle and the flag which is a horizontal tricolor of black, white, and purple.

Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Krassimir Avramov was last in the queue when God was handing out vocal chords.
Qualifying from Just Elly's Academy of Vocal Teaching, Crashimir (as he is known to his friends) produces the scariest falsetto since That Gay Weatherman on youtube.
There was controversy in Bulgaria, who seemed to not want Krassimir to perform in Moscow after all, but they added a couple of women to hide his vocal "limits", and so he will present his "Illusion" of singing at Eurovision 2009.
We, personally, can't wait.

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