Germany 2009

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Alex Swings Oscar Sings - "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang"
Composed by: Alex Christensen

Useful Information About Germany

Germany has existed in many forms, shapes and government types since the Holy Roman Empire. Its current shape has been assumed when East and West joined in 1990. The East is now enjoying the economical and social strength of the West, but at great cost: despite being Former Communists, they are part of "Western Europe" when it comes to Eurovision voting.

And so, this country of 82 million souls has not added to its only victory in 53 years of participation, Nicole's "Ein bißchen Frieden" from 1982.

Capital: Berlin
Exports: Anything that takes too much skill to be made in China
Number of ATMs: 14
Travel time on the Autobahn between Munich and Hamburg: 20 minutes
Famous Germans: Brothers Grimm, Ludwig van Beethoven, Claudia Schiffer, Steffi Graf, Rollergirl

Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

The producer and songwriter Alex Christensen, best known for his marriage with German superstar Rollergirl, wrote the song "Miss Fist Gang Bang" especially for Oscar Loya. German Television however did not consider it appropriate and kindly asked him to rewrite the lyrics to sound more like an old school swing song lyric and less like traditional German afternoon fun.

This has resulted in the song "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang". To make it clear even for the most retarded communities in Europe what actually goes on on stage, the performed have named themselves "Alex Swings Oscar Sings".

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