Greece 2009

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Sakis Rouvas - "This Is Our Night"
Composed by: Dimitris Kontopoulos/Craig Porteils & Cameron Gile

Useful Information About Greece

Greece is the country where everything originates from. Every word, every invention and every type of food comes from Greece. The country is situated at the tip of the Balkan peninsula and has with its 11 million inhabitants and even more islands managed the achievement of being one of the only countries in the world that was more civilized 2500 years ago than today.
Greece has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1974, and has won the contest once. The only time a Greek singer won the contest was for Luxembourg.
Live your muth in Greece!

Capital: Athens
Islands: Who wants to count?!
Inbreed level: 27 %
Exports: Olives, feta cheese, words, philosophy... everything comes from Greece.
Famous Greeks: Nana Moskouri, Elena Paparizou, Madonna, Cher, Elvis Presley, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Martin Luther, Jesus, Adam, Eve, Snake, God.

Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

ERT has internally selected past ESC entrant and presenter Sakis Rouvas. Sakis is a flawless live singer and dancer whose divine talent and beauty are known worldwide.

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