Moldova 2009

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Nelly Ciobanu - "Hora Din Moldova"
Composed by: Veaceslav Daniliu, Andrei Hadjiu, Nelly Ciobanu

Useful Information About Moldova

Moldova is a forgotten demilitarized wasteland between Ukraine and Romania, of which nobody would have heard if it wasn't for satellite images, or indeed, Eurovision, to which they entered in 2005 and ended 6th.

Capital: Chisinau
Exports: Tobacco and wine
Risks of splitting even further: Large. Let us all welcome Transnistria and Gagauzia in Eurovision 2011
Motto: "At least we're not Albania"

Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Nelly Ciobanu won the Moldovan final with a song that can be described as "Ruslana meets Zorba the Greek meets Israeli Entries of the 1980s".

The title, "Hora din Moldova" would sound offensive to Swedes. It's the world's sweet revenge for "Bra Vibrationer".

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