Israel 2009

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Nora & Mira Awad - "There must be another way"
Composed by: Gil Dor, Noa, Mira Anwar Awad

Useful Information About Israel

The land of contradictions. Peace and war, deserts and snow capped mountains, hot and cold climates, Europeans and Asians, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Shiri and Dana.
Making its ESC debut in 1973 with blonde head-tilting Ilanit, Israel has won 3 times and declined hosting once. The first to realize the enormous potential of the gay vote, Israel launched the iconic Dana International to capture the contest and world wide fame in 1998.
With its vast former-Soviet immigrant population, Israel is fast becoming a reliable point supplier for Russia and Ukraine...kind of what Cyprus was to Greece pre the 2-semi system, but without the booing.

Capital: Jerusalem. Or Tel Aviv. Depends how you look at it.
Area: 20,770 sq. km. Or 22,072 sq. km. Depends how you look at it.
Famous Israelis: Jesus, Golda Meir, Uri Geller, That guy from OGAE who asks the annoying questions

Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

After IBA's first choice, Harel Skaat, was blocked by his record company and a court order, they chose veteran US-raised singer Akhinoam Nini (Noa). She will be joined by the Palestinian/Bulgarian singer from northern Israel Mira Anwar Awad, who finished last in Kdam 2005.

Of four available songs, the jury selected "There must be another way", and it's about... You guessed right, peace and love.

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