Romania 2009

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Elena Gheorghe - "The Balkan Girls"
Composed by: Laurenţiu Duţă, Ovidiu Bistriceanu

Useful Information About Romania

Thanks to their closely related languages, Romanians like to think that they're Italian. And indeed, Romania is just like Italy. That is, minus the food, culture, scenery, sun, art, architecture, economy, infrastructure, education and atmosphere.

Romania entered ESC in 1994 earning little but points they had pre-agreed to exchange with Malta. They peaked at 3rd place in 2005.

Capital: Bucharest
Literacy: 14%
Famous Romanians: Count Dracula, Nicolae Ceauşescu, Nadia Comăneci, The Cheeky Girls

Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Romania's failure in the "Classy Ballad" genre made it clear to them that they must return to the good old Trash Euro-Pop With Balkan Elements.

And indeed, Elena Gheorghe won their final with "The Balkan Girls", featuring more dress strips than ever were in ESC history combined.

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