Lithuania 2009

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Sasha Son - "Love"
Composed by: Sasha Son

Useful Information About Lithuania

Lithuania is what remains of a great kingdom in the 13th Century that has since reduced to a minuscule Baltic state. It was the last European country to accept Christianity, and pagan customs such as public toilet racing or the longest hair competition are still widely practiced.

Lithuania is the only country to debut the Eurovision with 0 points and the only Baltic state that never won the contest (or even made the top 5). The best Lithuanian result in fact carried a German flag when Lena Valaitis finished 2nd in 1981.

Capital: Vilnius
National sport: Basketball
National language: Basketball
Member of: EU, NATO, FIBA, NBA, ULEB, Euroleague, Eurobasket
Famous Lithuanians: They're all Basketball players
Motto: "Basketball, Basketball, Basketball!"

Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Sasha Son won the Lithuanian final "Dainu Daina". Some changes are expected for Moscow: English language, no live orchestra, 6 people on stage, and 3:00 minutes of song instead of 44:00 or so.

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