Slovenia 2009

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Quartissimo & Martina Majerle - "Love Symphony"
Composed by: Andrej Babić, Aleksandar Valenčić

Useful Information About Slovenia

Slovenia participated 14 times in the esc, with two 7th placed entries to show for it. This year doesn't seem to be a trend breaker.

Interesting facts:
Capital: Ljubljana
National airline: Adria
The Slovenian language has singular, plural and dual.
Almost won the Message Board meet-up destination vote.

Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

As Slovenia often provide us with terrible lyrics (Heavy Weather anyone?) they tried to forgo them all together this year. The EBU wouldn't let them, so they have some screecher who wails over the last half of their song.
With OTT music provideed by Babic, miming string quartet wallies in giant picture frames, and bad lyrics, Love Symphony is pretty much typical fare from Slovenia.

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