Latvia 2009

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Intars Busulis - "Probka"
Composed by: Kārlis Lācis, Sergejs Timofejevs

Useful Information About Latvia

Boring, quiet little Latvia is nestled between Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia.

Its Wiki listing is one of the most bloody boring articles that were read to compile these data bases. Same goes for their esc entries.

Interesting facts:
There's a European porn star called Tania Russof. She was born in Riga.

Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Badly hit by the recession, Latvia nearly withdrew but eventually collected donations to help their participation fees.

The winner of Eirodziesma, Intars Busulis, will try to appeal to the Moscow audience by singing his ADHD-Rock "Probka" (Traffic Jam) in Russian.

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