Ukraine 2009

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Svetlana Loboda - "Be my Valentine! (Anti-crisis Girl)"
Composed by: Svetlana Loboda, Yevgeny Matyushenko

Useful Information About Ukraine

Ahhh, Ukraine! The country that gave us cavewimmin, Verka, babies with nine eyes and a president that has 427 food tasters.
This vast land is a Eurovision powerhouse, having scored second place in the last two contests and hosting the event in 2005.
Ukraine shares its flag colours with Sweden. Isn't that too cool?

Things Ukraine can't seem to shut off:
Gas pipes
Nuclear reactors

Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Svetlana Loboda used to be a member of popular Ukrainian pop trio VIA gra, but her biggest solo hit was called "Mischka". She recently brought out a clothing line bearing the name "F*ck the macho". She won't find many of *them* at ESC.

Her song, "Be my valentine", alledgedly takes the pish out of crazy Eurovision performances, and includes a dress change, drum solo, terrible lyrics and English pronunciation, but best of all, she begins and ends the song dangling upside down from one of her dancers' shoulders.

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