Armenia 2009

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Inga & Anush - "Nor Par"
Composed by: Mane Akopyan, Avet Barseghyan, Vardan Zadoyan

Useful Information About Armenia

Armenia, the only European country not situated in Europe, debuted in the contest in 2006 with the song "Without your love". Quite quickly the small country with its 3.2 million people, and 9 million outside its borders, established itself as one of the top countries. In terms of results.
Armenia was also the first country to ever use toilet paper on stage (2007), and has also created a media scandal when the American-Armenian singer Serj Tankian stated that he wanted to represent his country at Eurovision with a song about genocide.

Capital: Yerevan
Export: Microelectronics, diamonds, silk, shoes, emigrants.
Average placing in ESC: 5,6
Number of english speakers: Close to none

Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Armenia, the country most expected to be hit by the introduction of 50% jury votes, have proved undeterred, and are still offering messy ethno in a vain attempt to befoul the top 10.
With their duet about jam jars, getting drunk, or dancing (I bet they don't even know themselves), Inga & Anush will be recreating the Armenian deaf scoiety's Christmas party rendition of Riverdance.

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