Netherlands 2009

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De Toppers - "Shine"
Composed by: Bas van den Heuvel, Ger van de Westelaken

Useful Information About Netherlands

The Netherlands is likely the only country where you could legally smoke a joint while riding a bicycle on a sea-reclaimed polder to attend your same sex partner's euthanasia appointment. It is also a kingdom with rich history of conquests and art, which since became an overpopulated bog with 16 million people crowding a small area - Europe's equivalent to Bangladesh.

Despite its harsh language which sounds like eating pigs, the Netherlands won the Eurovision 3 times in Dutch and once more in English. The last was in 1975 and they have lost the plot since.

Capital: Amsterdam
Seat of government and queen: The Hague
So why is the capital Amsterdam: Nobody has a clue
Economy: Electronics, finances, petroleum refining (with by-products such as kerosene, asphalt, and Edam cheese)
Motto: "Hoppa!"

Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

The veteran trio "De Toppers" were internally selected and their song "Shine" won the televised final.

So far they have been involved with many nation-level scandals (such as the departure of previous member Gerard Joling and the question as to whether they can sing live), but there is little else interesting we can say about them.

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