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ESC Nation 2013 Scoreboard Simulator
We Are One and all that, but we get different results.


What's changed from the 2012 simulator?

- New voting rules applied - jury and televote are fully ranked before combined

- Running order is decided according to song criteria after drawn in halves

- You can still play the 2012 Simulator here.

How this works

- Each time you run the scoreboard, success chances are randomly created and normally distributed (using Gauss curve).

- The countries qualified from the Semifinal maintain their chances of success in the final (with slight changes that can result from better/worse performance or draw). This is why you will likely to see a Big 5 country or two near the bottom - we have nothing against Big 5 countries, it's just mathematically likely to happen.

- If you choose to define your own chances, setting a high chance doesn't guarantee success. It just increases that country's chances to succeed. Likewise with low chances. Just like with ESC, you will not always be happy with the result!

- Neighbour/diaspora voting increases some countries' chances to award points to some others, based on our observations from televoting years.

- This scoreboard is based on the previous Scorewiz and Eileen Dunne simulators.

- The voting is ordered to produce a more thrilling voting, as done in the real ESC.

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